Ok girls….Here is my experience with Dermaplaning. I am just like all of you, in the fact that as soon as I do something and either love or hate it, I feel the need to share it with the world. (well, at least my friends…lol)

Thursday, April 7th I experienced my first full on dermaplaning (Reveal Facial). Attached you can see a picture of Lindsay removing all of my dead skin. (For those of us who love to see this type of thing, it is exciting to see what is coming off of your face) I was amazed!!! I am very consistent with my at home exfoliating and my facials, so I was appalled with what I saw!!!! I guess it proved to me that my skin was in need of more.

After she finished with the dermaplaning, we did a 30% glycolic peel (now I need to say here, that most people will need to “work up” to this, but for those of you who know me, you know I go for the gusto) My skin is very resilient, so I wanted to try the highest concentration and see how it would react. At first, it did burn, but it was only on for 2 minutes or less, then Lindsay neutralized it and the burning stopped.

Let me interject something here. If you are looking for a relaxing, feel good facial….this is probably not the facial you are looking to get. This facial is extremely results oriented. Not to say it doesn’t have relaxing moments, but be prepared for a more medical grade facial.

This next part was one of my favorites….Cryogenic therapy!!!! For those of us scientifically challenged, it is a VERY cold ball, rolled on your face. It feels absolutely magical and oh, so calming!!!!! For my more science geeks, it’s a form of liquid nitrogen. It causes the blood vessel to contract and then dilate, which improves the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin’s surface.

Then it was time to mask and relax a few minutes. Have I mentioned that I love massage? If not…I LOVE MASSAGE!!!! Most people don’t like their hair messed up, but I do. So, Lindsay was sweet and massaged my scalp. My face was hydrating and rejuvenating and I was transported to a different dimension. After an amazing steam towel and moisturizer, I was ready to see my wonderful, energized skin.

You can see the second picture, after my facial… notice the lack of wrinkles around my eyes (this is without Botox!) One thing that impressed me, was the fact that I my looks were not compromised (really, no comments here!). I could leave and go to the store immediately. The only thing my husband said was, “wow, your skin looks really good today. What did you do?” (Did he mean that my skin didn’t look good yesterday?)

I have done so many things to my skin through the years (some good, some bad), but this is probably one of my favorite procedures. I get results without down time. It doesn’t get much better than that!!!!


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