So just what is a chemical peel at Faces By Design? And, more importantly, why do I need one?

If you have ever asked those questions, keep reading – we’ll give you all the info you need to make a decision to schedule your chemical peel!!

First, the big question – just what is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are used to give a much deeper exfoliation of the skin – one that you cannot get from using over the counter products. It is much more intense than any scrub, masque, or retinol product you may already be using each day. The results are generally amazing – brighter complexion, smoother texture, more even skin tone. It is recommended for skin that has endured years of acne, sun damage, and is showing signs of premature aging.

There are many different types of chemical peels, all doing basically the same thing, just at different levels of strength. Some need to be administered by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner, due to the strength of chemicals used. For the sake of this article, let’s focus solely on the most popular chemical peel used at Faces By Design.

FBD uses a very safe and time-tested procedure that involves applying a chemical solution to the skin in several layers in order to achieve a therapeutic burn. This treatment does not penetrate the living layer of the skin (dermis), so the risks are minimal. The solution is comprised mostly of salicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin), combined with other alpha and beta-hydroxyl acids. If you are allergic to aspirin, this treatment is not for you. If you are prone to herpetic outbreaks, be aware this treatment could trigger an outbreak. FBD encourages you to have and use the proper medication BEFORE your peel application.

Your first treatment (there will be a second treatment the following week) will last about 90 minutes. During this appointment, one of our licensed estheticians will apply layers of the peel solution to your skin. You will feel a burning sensation with each layer, and some burning may be intense. You will have access to a fan as a method of cooling the skin between applications. Your esthetician will determine how many layers to apply based on your skin and its reaction to the peel. Any burning felt during application will subside shortly after the final layer is applied. From this point on, you will not feel any pain or discomfort.

Now comes the fun part! Your skin will go through a shedding and peeling process that takes 7 – 10 days after the initial treatment. You basically will look as though you have a bad sunburn on your face, and your skin will behave as though it has a sunburn. Your skin will initially be very red, tight, and warm to the touch – but you should not feel any pain.

The first 48 hours your biggest challenge is to keep the skin absolutely dry – to allow the peel to begin working at its deepest strength. By Day 3, your skin will feel so very tight that it begins to crack around the mouth and nose. Once it begins to crack, we encourage you to hydrate your skin repeatedly with water. Get a spray bottle, fill it with warm water, and spritz the face multiple times each hour if possible. This will help to separate the skin that is starting to shed from the new skin waiting to be revealed.

As you are shedding, we STRONGLY recommend that you do not pick or pull any of the peeled skin!! Use manicure scissors to gently trim skin from the face. Picking or pulling will be uncomfortable and will delay the healing process.

**One quick note: once the peel has been applied, you will NOT wash your face with any cleanser, use any serums/moisturizers, or apply any makeup to your face. This critical component makes many ladies feel rather uncomfortable, so we encourage you to schedule your peel around your busy life. If you feel comfortable working, absolutely do! But many clients prefer to use some vacation time while going through the process, as you will definitely not look your best. But by pushing this process, you will get results quickly and safely.

(P.S. – this is a great time to wash all of your makeup brushes thoroughly, since you won’t be using them!)

Ok – so you’ve been peeling for 7 – 10 days. Now what?

This is your reward for going through the process – Enjoy a 90 minute microdermabrasion or oxygen skincare treatment to re-balance the skin. Your esthetician will gently cleanse, remove any remaining skin to be shed, and treat that beautiful new skin with calming nutrients. You’ll also receive some light massage and a hydrating masque during this important final step of your treatment.

Once you have had this skincare treatment, your peel has been completed. Your skin may be sensitive for the next week or so, which is completely normal. We’ll give you product samples to use at home (we love Dermalogica’s Ultracalming line of products for this reason!), and ask that you be gentle with your skin. No daily exfoliation. Hold off on the AHA’s and retinol for at least one week. No Clarisonic. Treat your face like it was a newborn baby – this is a brand new layer of skin, and it just went through a pretty intense treatment. You’ll get back to your normal skincare routine – just not right away!

Now…if this seems a bit too much for you, but you are interested in renewing your skin – just in a less-invasive manner, feel free to ask us about the other peels we do at FBD. There are other options that provide solid results, but require a time commitment of 6 weekly appointments.

On a personal note, I have gone through this process three times in the last three years. Do I look my best while peeling? Nope! But the bottom line is this: I love what this peel does for my skin! I see improvements for at least three weeks following my second appointment. The clarity of my skin shows immediate and dramatic improvement. Some of my sun damage (age spots) has been erased – much has been lightened. My pores appear smaller. The texture is smoother – younger looking. Even my husband commented on the glow he saw in my face after my first peel – so I am telling you this process works!!

Here are the key points to know:

  1. The chemical peel consists of 2 appointments – the peel application and the follow-up skincare treatment seven to ten days later.
  2. This peel is safe to use. Our licensed estheticians are experts at the process, and will make sure the application process goes smoothly.
  3. While you won’t look your best during the peeling process, your morning and evening routine will be easier – no washing the face, no moisturizer, no makeup!
  4. Your second treatment will pamper you a bit while taking care of your new skin.
  5. Your skin may be sensitive for a week or so afterwards – but it will look amazing!!

At Faces By Design, we strive to bring you the highest level of skincare treatments, with proven results. The chemical peel fits our menu of services because it does both – gives you the highest level of safe, effective treatment, and provides proven results. Call us at 740-373-9770 to ask about how you can schedule this powerful treatment!