We are not a spa, we are your skin care clinic.

"Where Beauty Come Full Circle"

Faces by Design is the original and number one self-enhancement studio in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We have been in business for 20 years and have created a place to work with a specific purpose – to help everyone find themselves, and reconcile themselves to the person in the mirror. Though we work very hard on the skin, the aging processes, fighting the transformation that the skin goes through over the years, we also want our clients to remember that beauty is not about looking perfect. Beauty is about making peace and coming to terms with the person in the mirror. It is about embracing what is beautiful about you and is about embracing what is not so perfect about you.
At Faces by Design, we embrace your beauty, your natural flaws, and we make you flawless. We try to reconcile your spirit and your soul, and the person in the mirror. It is a journey. Everyday life brings us to new journeys and new challenges. And, transformation is a constant in life. Sometimes transformation brings us to places we don’t want to be, and sometimes transformation is amazing. But transformation is something we always encourage at Faces by Design. And we encourage this transformation through love, through self-growth, through self-pampering, self-encouragement, and through an empowering team of women who are dedicated to make it the best experience for every woman who comes through our door.
Our signature is always a sisterhood. We believe women are as they are. We don’t need makeup. We don’t need costumes. We don’t need anything to change our identity. We are as we are and we take you as you are. We don’t want to change anything of you and your personal signature. We want to make the person that you are more secure, with ownership of yourself, your body, and your skin, while waking up your consciousness of the power within you.

Faces by Design is the number one
self-enhancement studio in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Martha Jones

Owner, Esthetician

Jyoti Sharma


Kaeli Peoples


Ben Bowers

Licensed Massage Therapist

Young-Mi Pruden

Medical Director