Product Blending & Cocktailing

We know what we are doing.

Since we believe Skin Fitness is a “personal” designed program, your  skin care products should be t

If all our skin fitness programs are designed to fit specific needs, we determined products should be customed blend too. So, with lots of research, we have the ability now, to compound your own product. Designed just for YOU! 

Real active ingredients.

We partnered with top research labs and developed “base” products. With our knowledge, we can hand pick what is best for your skin, and we can modify your compounds as your skin changes... GENIUS!

What we use.

Active Ingredients that are scientifically relevant in the market today, like Hialuronic Acid, B-Panthenol, Salicilic Acid, Aloe Verá Juice, Spirulina Algae, Retinol, peptides, tri-peptides, stem cells, centella Asiática, Elastin, vitamin E and other multiple components. 

We mix it for you, in front of you.

Let’s have a “cocktail ”! At Faces By Design we will blend your skin care kit, to take home, on your first or second session of treatment.... all included in your  Skin Fitness program. 

Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s a proven fact that more expensive products aren’t necessarily more effective. We are cutting marketing, packaging and branding. And for sure delivering first class product designed just for you. 

Organic and Hypoallergenic.

Clean, non comedogeninc, colorant and perfume free.  The perfect bases to deliver the cleanest and more effective products.  Safe for young and adult beautiful ladies.