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#Freedom to Plunge Permanent Brows, Liner, and Lips


reg $1140

#Freedom of Expression Permanent Liner and Brows


reg $760

#Freedom to Laugh and Cry Permanent Liner or Brow


reg $380

#Freedom to Go Bare Experience our Triple Threat: Chemical Peel, Dermaplaning Facial, Microderm Facial


reg $945

#Freedom to Feel the Touch Massage Sampler: 60 Minute Deep Tissue, 60 Minute Relaxation, 30 Minute Sinus Relief


reg $165

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Do you know what a REAL facial is...

Experience a Consultation Facial at FBD

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FBD Consultation Facial

Spend a total of 2 hours one on one with owner Martha Jones. First, you will discuss your skin care needs and goals and then after receive our award winning facial  that has been customized specifically for you. We are here to accommodate your budget, time and life style. Come experience a REAL facial from FBD with targeted results . We are not a spa, we are your skin care clinic. Come experience the difference.

On Special for $127

Introducing Reveal Facials

Scientifically Tested – Clinically Proven

Dermaplaning The Next Generation Of Facials

One Time Only Introductory Price Reveal Facial $130

This is our NEW Dermaplaning Facial reg $200

Dermaplaning Facial  includes: Dermaplaning, Micro, Skin Ceuticals Peel Treatment, Mask and Cryogenic Therapy

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NEW Reveal Dermaplaning Facials

We are taking a sharp turn at FBD and that means we are setting our eyes into new treatments, products and techniques.
It is our responsibility to maintain current and always educated in order to offer the best quality of treatments with outstanding results.

We have created new partnerships, new protocols and of course we have dramatically changed the ultimate results.
We are introducing a whole new group of services called REVEAL… Designed by SkinCeuticals.

Two new amazing techniques will be introduced to our customers… DERMAPLANING and CRYOGENIC THERAPY. These two techniques integrated during the course of a very intense treatment session are the new trendsetters that are sure to deliver active corrective and anti aging results.

Read full description on Dermaplaning and the benefits by clicking on the button below!

What is a Reveal Facial, Dermaplaning and the Benefits?

Full Description Here

Free Skin Care Consultations

one on one individual analysis


Premium High Touch Services



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Permanent Makeup

At Faces By Design, we specialize in Permanent Makeup. Clients can choose from:

• Permanent Eyeliner (top and bottom liner, top only, or bottom only)
• Permanent Eyebrows
• Permanent Lipliner

In very basic terms, Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic tattoing procedure. Your Permanent Makeup Technician will use a disposable, sterile needle to place pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. This is considered a permanent procedure, although it will fade over time. The average life span is anywhere from 3 – 7 years without any color refreshing/touching up.


At Faces By Design, our signature skin care treatment is the 90 minute Microdermabrasion Facial. It is so much more than JUST a pampering experience (although you will feel very pampered throughout!) – it is actually a comprehensive treatment that provides real health benefits!

Let’s review what to expect when you come in for your first 90 minute Microdermabrasion Facial. First, you’ll be greeted at our front desk and fill out a short form asking some basics about your skin and overall health. This form will be used by your esthetician to personalize the treatments and products she uses to create the best possible results for your skin.

Chemical Peel

So just what is a chemical peel at Faces By Design? And, more importantly, why do I need one?
If you have ever asked those questions, keep reading – we’ll give you all the info you need to make a decision to schedule your chemical peel!!
First, the big question – just what is a chemical peel?
Chemical peels are used to give a much deeper exfoliation of the skin – one that you cannot get from using over the counter products. It is much more intense than any scrub, masque, or retinol product you may already be using each day. The results are generally amazing – brighter complexion, smoother texture, more even skin tone. It is recommended for skin that has endured years of acne, sun damage, and is showing signs of premature aging.

Faces By Design

Where Beauty Come Full Circle

At Faces By Design we believe beauty lies within you and it is our mission to guide you and provide you with the best tools to look your best.

As simple as a “facial” sounds we have taken a step further not only providing you with the best high touch and relaxing experience, but also we offer tangible and scientific results that will ensure the health and well being of the skin.
We go beyond a “facial” and separate ourselves from the cookie cutter models in the current market and create a customized facial program for your specific needs.

it is our believe that healthy and beautiful skin is the sole response to discipline and consistent treatment. So at FBD we design programs that will target specific problems and produce tangible changes. But it takes time, consistency and discipline. One single Facial is a wonderful experience to relax and pamper yourself, but it will not change biological functions in the skin. That is the main reason why we commit to results as long as our customers commit to discipline.

We use state of the art technology and product with multiple choices every time you have a session with us. Every service includes microdermabrasion, High Frequency, Ultrasound, Oxygen infusions and dedicated products to specific needs.

Technology and the best available cosmetic formulations are totally meaningless without the knowledge and professional training behind them. Faces By Design is proud to offer a team of specialists with incredible talents, education and styles. FBD staff is consistently educated in new services, techniques and products available.

Most important we hold a strong team, bound by strong professionalism, knowledge and customer service skills.

5 stars! Absolutely phenomenal place! People were great and eyebrows look amazing . Can’t wait to get my eyeliner done 🙂

Katy M

— 5 stars! Martha and staff were awesome people to work with – very professional! After over a year of chemo, I have eyebrows again and they look very natural! Thanks Faces By Design 🙂

Myra L












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