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Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a lasting cosmetic tattoo in which pigments are implanted into the skin using specialized equipment. With each stroke of the artist’s skilled hand, permanent makeup helps individuals rediscover their unique beauty, accentuating their natural features. It also grants newfound freedom to busy souls, allowing them to embrace life fully without the burden of daily makeup routines.

Skin Care

At Faces by Design, I create personalized facial experiences and treatments that will leave you refreshed, beautiful, and most of all empowered to manage your skin.

You will learn about the fundamental steps to maintain the skin, and I will give you a tip or two on how to do it on a budget.

Skin Care is not a service. It’s a conversation. It’s education and empowerment.
So, come to see me and learn about your skin during a Discovery Facial. 

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Eyelash Enhancement

A discrete and soft eyeliner positioned in between the lashes to give the optical illusion of a heavier and fuller lash line. This process is intended to frame the eyes and gives a very discrete and soft look to the eye shape. No special effects are part of this service. It's the starter foundation for other services and other special effects of future eyeliner changes.
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Smokie Hot Eyes

A powerful and heavier eyeliner placed above the lashes with a soft shading effect. With this process, special effects can be added to the shape of the eye and give a stronger definition and a powerful look to the eyelash line and corners of the eyes.

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Wings And Tails

An exotic and pristine finish to the corner of the eyeliner, enhancing the outer corner of the eye to give a dramatic and polished finish to previously applied eyeliner.

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Eyebrows Microshading

This service will deliver a powdery finished eyebrow, simulating the application of powder makeup with a semi-transparent cast to the skin. It is applied with a machine and it requires skill to maintain the color within the skin. Multiple colors are available and can be matched to the skin and hair color.
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Eyebrows Microblading

This service is ideal when it is necessary to construct or reconstruct eyebrows where the hair has become thin or has missing spots. It can also be used as a secondary technique with microshading. It is not a good choice for customers who have no brows at all or where the tails are missing.
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Correctional Work

Color corrections. Revisions. Redos and other work done over work that has not been originally done at FBD is considered a Revision or Correctional Work.
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Eyeliner Touch Up

Touch up services are intended to finalize, polish and solve unpredictable issues as they arise with the healing process. They also help to advance into more exotic and creative effects on the eyeliner. They are not always necessary. But are available at the customer's discretion and taste.
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Eyebrow Touch Up

Touch up services are intended to finalize, polish and solve unpredictable issues as they arise with the healing process. They also help to advance into more exotic and creative effects on the eyebrows. They are not always necessary. But are available at the customer's discretion and taste.
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The Discovery Facial

A skin care experience with an educational purpose. During this session you will learn all about your skin and the fundamental steps to maintain it’s balance and biology.

This experience is a customized session to your specific needs and will leave you with a wealth of knowledge about your skin and self care. It’s a session full of pampering, softness, relaxation and education. Considered as Consultation for future alternative treatment.
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Eyebrows & Eyeliner

The perfect combination to spark youth and light to the most important part of the face…Your eyes. This duo service can be performed in one or two sessions depending on personal situations and upon consultation.

Microshading & Microblading

Obtain the most realistic and natural effects when a blend of both techniques are applied and the results produce an amazing natural looking brow. This duo service can be performed in one or two sessions depending on personal situations and upon consultation.



With the observance of the growth of the permanent makeup industry, advancement and education on the trade to professional and serious permanent makeup artists who are willing to invest in their career and learn a new spin in their path for their future is vital.

I have sustained a successful career for 30 years solely dedicated to permanent cosmetics and I can attest to the words..”YOU CAN DO THIS” …. So this is a plain invitation to consider your decision to advance your career and a chance for a better future.

The academy is a proposal based on education and seminars dedicated to professional permanent makeup artists that want to advance their careers and learn new skills and ways to deliver PERMANENT EYELINERS with safety and success.

With these seminar you will acquire the skills to deliver a perfect eyeliner and all the special effects arising in the market today , so talented new professionals can have a profitable and meaningful career and life.

To me, Permanent Cosmetics is not just a skill that you learn in a short class, it is an art that you develop and it has to be passed to you with love and care. And that is the intention of these seminars: To pass along the gift that has been given to me as an artist so others can succeed too.

You will learn proficiently



Delivered by Faces By Design
Educator Martha Jones.

20 HOURS Class
2 days and 1/2

All classes include theory and practice on live models. A 50% down payment is necessary to hold your spot.

Fees are refundable for more than 15 days before initiation of the seminar. For cancelations within 15 days prior to the initiation of the class, only 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

The Technician must have proof of liability insurance and blood pathogen certification.

Contact Martha Jones via email
[email protected]

About Martha Jones
Certified Permanent Makeup Artist
30 years of experience.
Artist, designer and educator.
Compliant by State Regulations and Health Department
Fully insured.
OSHA Compliant


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Michelle M.

I had the permanent eyeliner done. Her place is so cozy inside. I didn't know what to expect or how tell explain to her exactly what I wanted. She was able to get it exactly how I wanted. And for those of you that don't know what you want, she is a makeup artist with years of experience and can show you what looks best for your face. She uses a numbing cream and it didn't take long at all to do my eyes. I was very nervous and she helps you to relax. I love my eyeliner. I recommend her by far.

Teresa J.

She sits down with you and explains everything in detail. What she is going to do. she does excellent job and friendly. I Highly recommend her to anyone. I give her a 10- plus. Can’t wait to go back to see her.

Kim C.

I had my eyeliner done by Martha couple of times now. Need it again, wouldn't let anyone else touch me. She is awesome.

Becki W.

I Meet Martha Many years ago . She is an amazing person , and makeup artist. She did my eyeliner , and I would highly recommend her to anyone . Actually at that time many of my friends, and family saw her work . They all were so impressed with her work on my eyes they wanted theirs done . I can’t say enough about this amazing lady . I just hope I can get my eyes touched up after so many years . Thank you Martha !!!

Chrisanna P.

I love having my brows done. It gives me confidence and I know at the end of the day I’ll still have brows compared to penciling them on.

Carla G.

My fav place! Martha is the sweetest and best doing her thing!

Dee K.

I just got my eyeliner touched up and Martha is the best! She took extra care with my special needs and will give you her honest opinion. I will bring more friends here that need eyebrows, etc.

About us

Martha Jones

A Native of Colombia SA, Martha has made the Mid Ohio Valley her home and the place to make her business bloom. With a mix of European and Latin American Esthetician Education, Martha has incredible honest views of beauty, simplicity, self-love, and education. Over 30 years of experience make Martha Jones an authority in permanent cosmetics and her practice has grown and thrive consistently throughout the years, making her work the best reference of her services and credibility. Her sessions are funny and entertaining, always leaving a trail of wisdom. Martha has a special love for animals and shares her beautiful farm with 2 horses, Trevor and Stella, and a team of 3 chihuahuas. You will always find a true friend, a giving heart and a loving person when you visit Martha Jones. Le Chalet is her ultimate dream and a new proposal for permanent cosmetics and skin care; Still true to the core of her knowledge, her sessions are personable and dedicated to the best interest of each customer that crosses her doors and the deliverance of perfection is always her utmost priority.


As the industry of Permanent Cosmetics expands, the need for perfection and elegance grows. However, more than skill and safety is necessary to perform the most delicate procedures in the tattoo industry. Elegance, class and respect are a must when it comes to permanent makeup, specially eyebrows and eyeliners.

At Faces By Design, I have had the honor of performing thousands of successful procedures and consider myself a little bit of an authority in this field, not so much for knowledge, but for my 25 years of experience.

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