Scientific Skin Care
Advanced Permanent Cosmetics

Because you can be beautiful 

while you are beautiful.

Our Way of Thinking

At Faces By Design we are true to the intention of our craft. We create beauty through the beauty of our hearts.

We offer advice to the best of our knowledge. We perform beauty treatments with the intention of transforming our guest's looks, but always keep in mind their best interests. When we reveal someone's beauty, we discover the power in our hands, our minds and our souls. Our beauty sessions are art performances created with one single person in mind... Our valued guest.

100% Satisfaction

At Faces By Design, we take very seriously the budget that you allocate to your personal care. We are committed to deliver long lasting results, based on a committed and punctual relationship with our services and products. We offer more than a service; we educate, guide and create new self care views and habits to make you feel beautiful while you are beautiful. 


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